Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Will Swap for Knits!

I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of patterns (all free, found on ravelry) of knit things that I would gladly swap for!

Stuff for Baby Z

- A baby shrug, from 3-6mos size and on up, as for colors- pink, brown, cream/offwhite, white, black, and green (not dark, like hunter, or not seafoamy) would be preferred
Here are 2 patterns that I like...
Baby Shrug - On Ravelry/Baby Shrug - Not on Ravelry
& Confection Baby Shrug - On Ravelry/Confection Baby Shrug - Not on Ravelry

- I LOVE this Hooded Poncho! Knitted Poncho With Hood - On Ravelry/Knitted Poncho With Hood - Not on Ravelry

- Skirt Soakers like this one (but if you can find another pattern you like better/easier/etc... that's fine). Ruffle Skirted Soaker - On Ravelry/Ruffle Skirted Soaker - Not on Ravelry

- Baby Wrap/Cocoon... this one is my favorite... Button Up Baby Wrap - On Ravelry

- Totoro Hat or Hello Kitty Hat (in baby size)... Top Down Bonnet - on Ravelry

- Baby Spats! These are too cute! Baby Spats - On ravelry/Baby Spats - Not on Ravelry

- Love these baby booties! Sock Booties - On Ravelry/Sock Booties - Not on Ravelry

- Baby Leggings, solid colors or stripes, if you could make the pattern 6-9 mos sized though, that would be awesome... Baby Leggings - On Ravelry/Baby Leggings - Not on Ravelry

- Any style/color of baby socks!

- Wool soakers in various sizes (Newborn and up).

- Super soft cotton baby washcloths.

Stuff For Me!

- Slippers (Women's size 8) like theses... Knitted Slippers on Ravelry/Knitted Slippers - Not on Ravelry

- Tabi Socks! (Women's size 8) Tabi Socks - On Ravelry

- Triangle Scarf like this one... Triangle Scarf - On Ravelry/Triangle Scarf - Not on Ravelry

- I love this bolero! (I would love one in every color to wear with everything!) Baggy Bolero - On Ravelry/Baggy Bolero - Not on Ravelry

- And these are the cutest socks EVER! Love Socks - On Ravelry/Love Socks - Not on Ravelry