Monday, November 2, 2009

Video Game Christmas Tree!

This year we have decided to have a themed Christmas tree... and the theme is VIDEO GAMES! We are kind of nerdy with our love of video games (I have Legend of Zelda tattoos on the inside of my wrists...), so it's pretty perfect for us.

Here's a list of our favorite games, that we would love to have represented on our tree... (though it's not exclusive, we enjoy most video games)

- Mario Bros
- Legend Of Zelda
- Sonic
- Lego StarWars series
- MegaMan
- Castlevania
- Animal Crossing
- Lunar*
- Street Fighter
- Tetris
- Metroid
- Halo
- RockBand/Guitar Hero
- Dragon Quest

Older versions, newer versions, we like em all.
*husband's fav, would LOVE LOVE LOVE an ornament from this!

And here are a few pictures of what I've manage to collect so far...

The whole box of ornaments

The Mario themed ornaments
A few toys we had in the house. The polyclay ornaments in the middle were made by freestyle. The perler beads ones were made by me. And the felted mushroom was made by corduroycat.

The Legend of Zelda themed ornaments
Made from perler beads, by me. As was the fabric picture one (previous life was as part of a checkbook cover). And then there are a few bits and bobs, like charms and pinback badges.

The Animal Crossing ornaments
Made from felt, by atsuko.

A few random ones
The Tetris perler ones made by me. The PacMan perler ones made by ptarmicwumpus. And then one made from a patch, that was made by ? (I can't think of it off the top of my head, I will look it up though).

And these were tins with candy in them (that I will be adding a ribbon to and using as ornaments).

And last but not least
Felt NES controller and Gameboy, made by sheepBlue.

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